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Family, Youth and Pre-Natal Yoga

Prenatal Yoga  – With Jen Daniels. Prenatal yoga strengthens abdominal muscles and muscles of the pelvic floor, while stretching and strengthening the legs. It helps to open hips and can relieve sciatic pain and varicose veins. Most importantly it offers relaxation and breath awareness.

Family Yoga – With Beth Agdish. Explore the benefits of family yoga as we have fun with downward dog, tree, cobra and more. In a safe environment to move and breathe. Yoga calms and centers the growing body and mind. There will be themed classes once a month. We incorporate story telling, imagination, and music. Class is geared for children age 3-10 with any or all of their family members

Mommy & Me Pilates - with Kim McIntosh. Classes are geared towards the mom, but children of all ages are always welcome in class. Depending on the children's age they typically nap (infants), play (toddlers) or participate (older children). Fit and Balanced Mom's mission is to provide busy mom's with an opportunity to fit fitness into their days, meet other local moms and set a good example for their little ones along the way. www.fitandbalancedmom.com