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Challenging Yoga Classes

All Levels Vinyasa Flow - with Alyssa and Temple. A flowing sequence of stretching, strengthening and energizing postures that links movement with the breath.  A seamless link of poses with modifications offered for those looking for less or more impact.  Breathing techniques are also explored.

Vinyasa Flow - with Loren, Daniela, and Jen. In this fun yet challenging class, you will be guided through a series of asana coordinated to the flow of your breath.  Standing and seated postures, backbends, hip-openers, and inversions flow together to form a seamless dance-like movement deepening the awareness of your breath.  Build some heat, sweat a little, increase body strength, flexibility, and balance, while calming the mind and rejuvenating your whole being.

Traditional Flow - with Jack. This class features Jack's traditional Ashtanga lineage as well as his teachings from his own yogic journey. The focus of the class is on awareness and presence, as well as posture and alignment. There is an emphasis on linking breath and movement into a powerful practice grounded in the present moment to cultivate physical, mental, and spiritual health. Come as you are!

Strong & Scuplted - with Kate. This all-levels yoga class will begin with meditation followed by dynamic movements to warm up the body. We will build internal heat as we connect with the breath, as well as our physical and mental strength. A creative exploration of asana will help to increase overall flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance. Class will wind down with more restorative postures, leading to a completely blissed-out svasana. Regular and consistent participation will leave you feeling stronger, invigorated, rejuvenated, and relaxed on all levels -- body, mind, AND spirt!