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Continuing Education

The following workshops are considered CEUs for RYTs.

Anatomy with Megan and Tony Todt

Saturday, April 13. $100. 7 CEUs available.

Learn about anatomy of the musculoskeletal system for yoga students, including gender differences, in this full day workshop. Megan and Tony are both physical therapists, and Megan completed her 200 hour teacher training through Sacred Rivers Yoga.

Foundations of Trauma Informed Yoga with Joann Lutz

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, April 26, 27 and 28. $280 pre-pay, $305 late registration (price includes $30 charge for CEUs). 12 CEUs available.

Research has proven that yoga is effective in reducing symptoms of PTSD. In this training, mental health professionals, health care professionals and yoga teachers will receive an in-depth understanding of yoga philosophy and techniques and will learn to use them in a traditional psychotherapy or health care setting. Program offers CEUs to Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists, Psychologists, Substance Abuse Counselors, Licensed Mental Health Counselors and Nurses, as well as RYTs.

Wholeness Yoga: Bringing Body, Mind and Spirit Together with Sharon Cormier

Saturday, May 18. $35. 3 CEUs available.

Wholeness Yoga is an integration of Yin Yoga, Yang Yoga, Buddhist mindfulness practice and Qigong movement.  Together these four practices create a healthy, strong physical body which then enables us to nourish our Inner Self. The workshop will consist of discussion and movement.   We will begin with the Yin/Yang practice using all the tools of mindfulness when we hold poses in Yin, then create the energetic flow of our prana when we begin to move with the grace of qigong in the Yang portion of asana.  A deep, guided meditation follows the practice so we may settle quietly into our body while the mind rests and opens to our Inner Self. We will continue the workshop with a practical discussion of how we can keep and hold on to the peacefulness of savasana in the busy, multi-tasking world of our daily life.

Become a Client Magnet with Mission-based Marketing: Simple Secrets to Building an Abundant Yoga Business with Marcie Mauro

Sunday, May 19. $75. 3 CEUs available.

You are clear about what you do, but are your prospective clients? The term marketing conjures up a lot of confusion, overwhelm, and avoidance for more heart-centered entrepreneurs. It’s time to create a breakthrough for your business with Mission-Based Marketing that is in alignment with your authentic spirit.

Prana, Dharana Asana and Pranayama with Doug Green

Saturday, June 22. $45. 3.5 CEUs available.

This ancient technique first appeared in the Upanishads, the sacred writings of Ancient India. Prana means "Universal intelligent life-force energy", and Dharana means "concentration". By learning to direct the Prana with your own concentration, you can send healing to any physical body part, any emotional/mental issue. We will learn this technique together, first by becoming totally relaxed using Yoga breathing and stretching, and then by focusing the mind using several specific Yogic techniques.

Structural Yoga Therapy with Mangala Warner

Saturday and Sunday, July 20 and 21. $200 for both days, $125 for one. 7 CEUs available per day.

An experiential workshop based on Structural Yoga (SY) as developed by Mukunda Stiles. Learn the anatomy of 24 poses that can be transferred to any pose by knowing the anatomical positions! This workshop will include a 1.5 hour SY class each day, as well as a guided relaxation.Mangala makes learning fun and creates an environment where all can share their knowledge and expertise!

Check out the Workshops page for more detailed information on the following Continuing Education Opportunities. Or call 860-657-9545 for more information.